Designing Our French Inspired Kitchen and Bath: The Kohler Store

Greetings everyone!  Things have been progressing behind the scenes as we continue to design our French inspired home.  As you might have already noticed; we have been on a short break from blog posting. We have been working our way through some unforeseen design obstacles.  The bidding process has again resumed and we too will now pick up our blog postings right where we left off.

Today we want to share a few photographs from a recent trip to The Kohler Store in Glenview, Illinois just outside of Chicago.  For those of you interested in visiting, you can find the Kohler Store at:

The Kohler Store (Chicago Area Locations)
1180 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025

For your added shopping pleasure, you can also visit the Abt showroom right next door!  See our trip to the Abt showroom, home to all appliances and electronics.

Back to The Kohler Store.....

Who is ready to take a loooonnnnngggg soak in this tub?  I think I could sit in this white porcelain Kohler beauty for the rest of the nigh…

Old World Rustic Wine Cellars

Well summer is now unofficially over.  Here's to hoping that everyone had a terrific sunshine filled summer of fun.  This sounds like a perfect time to insert "raise your glasses", so it's fitting that today we are sharing some inspirational images of wine cellars.
You may recall that we have chosen to leave some of the new basement unfinished.  The one room that will be complete, however, will be the wine cellar room.  Proper storage for wine is extremely important, especially if you have purchased any wine for long term investments.  A wine cellar room with a dedicated temperature control system can maintain your wines at a constant temperature (55-57 degree's) and humidity (60%-70%).  Now your wines will feel like they are deep in the legendary wine cellars of France.
These are some of the design options we are considering.  Which would you select for your wine cellar room?
This wine room has great wood shelving that has been divided into squares rather than individual bottles.  This allows for large wine crates to be incorporated into the storage unit.

This wine storage has a great "cellar" feel with its old world brick and arched brick ceiling.

This brick wine cellar also stores its wine in square storage bins with stone shelving.

Wine cellars are not just for wine.  If there is a collection of cigars in your home then it is also a great place to incorporate a cigar humidor.  The temperature and humidity of controlled wine cellars are perfect for storing that cherished or rare cigar.

This wine cellar has a great shelf that allows for the storage of spirits.  These items need not be drank immediately upon opening and thus do not need to be stored on their sides as do corked wine bottles.

Can you say brick wine cellar?  This room has a great arched brick ceiling, as well as a brick paver floor and arched brick wine storage bins.

Also important is the wine cellar door.  This cedar door comes complete with a traditional arch and old world hardware.  A perfect entrance into this wine room.  The cedar shelving on the left side of the door is particularly convenient for placing full wine crates.

A recent hobby in this household is dry curing meats.  Just like with cigars, a temperature controlled wine room is the perfect environment for dry curing your own prosciuttos, sausages, and other meats.  Bring some old world charcuterie into your household and give this hobby a try.

This wine cellar appears to be multi chambered.  It too has great arched brick supports for  wine bottle storage. We really like the fact that candles are used as a light source.  They just add to the feel of an old wine cellar.

Some may not have the space for a huge wine cellar.  In that case, this kitchen floor wine cellar might be just for you.  The five steps extend down into the basement or crawl space of your home while giving a huge amount of wine bottle storage.

We really like the look of this cellar.  Like many of the others, it too has brick supports with brick arches.  The wine bottles rest on wood or stone shelves.  A favorite detail in this room are the recessed upper storage spaces which allow for the creation of a small counter top.  Here they have placed candles and a few wine bottles.  This would also be a good place to store spirits.  Like seeing the candles and lighting in this room.

As you can tell by now, we tend to favor the rustic wine cellar room over the more modern wood rack systems.  The brick and arches just make the space feel like you would find this cellar in an old world style home.  By making the room large, you have the space for a tasting table and wine crate storage in the center of the room.

This wine cellar room is fantastic, but lacks some of the old world charm of many of the others we have shown.  I feel like I am looking into a wine store, not standing in a 200 year old cellar in the French countryside.

What an appropriate sink to place in any wine room.

Another owner has taken advantage of the controlled temperature and humidity of their wine room by hanging their dry cured meats.

We feel this wine cellar designer did a great job of mixing old world with modern wine room designs.

If you want to have a party in your wine room, this is the way to do it.  This large table can host a wine tasting party right in the middle of the wine cellar.  Again we see large square storage bins which make it easy to store wine on its side or spirits upright.

Another great merger of old world design and modern wine storage.  The use of an arched brick ceiling and stone supports gives it a great "cellar" feel.  This room has great display storage for those special or rare bottles.  The sconces add a great touch of light to this space.

A final combination of old world meets modern wine room.  The dark wood wine racks go great with the pillars and plank and beam ceiling.  A great space complete with wine tasting table.

As always, we hope you too find these images inspirational.  If you want to see the actual construction of our wine cellar, be sure to sign up to receive email updates, or join us on Facebook.  Construction will begin in the coming months, and we will have lots of information to share with all of our blogger friends.

Thanks as always to our regular visitors and those that continue to add us to their "favorite blogs" list.


Tonya and Rob


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