Designing Our French Inspired Kitchen and Bath: The Kohler Store

Greetings everyone!  Things have been progressing behind the scenes as we continue to design our French inspired home.  As you might have already noticed; we have been on a short break from blog posting. We have been working our way through some unforeseen design obstacles.  The bidding process has again resumed and we too will now pick up our blog postings right where we left off.

Today we want to share a few photographs from a recent trip to The Kohler Store in Glenview, Illinois just outside of Chicago.  For those of you interested in visiting, you can find the Kohler Store at:

The Kohler Store (Chicago Area Locations)
1180 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025

For your added shopping pleasure, you can also visit the Abt showroom right next door!  See our trip to the Abt showroom, home to all appliances and electronics.

Back to The Kohler Store.....

Who is ready to take a loooonnnnngggg soak in this tub?  I think I could sit in this white porcelain Kohler beauty for the rest of the nigh…

Thirsty Thursday: Chocolate Mandarin Dream

Happy Thursday morning to everyone.  If you have had as busy of a week as it has been around here, then you are ready for this weekends games and a good drink.  This weeks Thirsty Thursday will not disappoint.

European Style Garages and Garage Doors

Its already time for this weeks "Which is your Favorite" post.  They house our parked cars, store our lawn furniture, keep our yard equipment protected, and keep the kids bicycles safe.  They are our garages.  Why is it a garage never seems big enough to hold all of the "stuff" we all seem to accumulate all to quickly?


Love the stately presence of this garage.  So much detail, from the french light fixtures, window corbels, to the copper downspouts.  I love the solders row of brick above the glass arched garage carriage doors. Looking at the gate pillars I am guessing they may have used a Boral Brick product (which I can't wait to show you our choices).  Houzz

These darker garage doors have more of an Italian feel to me.  The color of the stone and cedar shakes go so well with this darker tone.  I also like that the driveway is not solid surface.  The use of a stone between the tires is a great substitute for grass which requires more maintenance.…

Thirsty Thursday: French White Hot Chocolate

Good Morning Everyone!

The weekend (and college football gameday) is almost here!  If you are like us, then you will be partaking in tail-gate events.

Every week we have a new gameday drink.  Because the weather is a little colder this week, we have decided to go with a French White Hot Chocolate.  Our version is a slight modification from a Cosmo Chic Cocktail we heard a few years ago.  Now this is our first Thirsty Thursday, so please go easy on our food photography.

French White Hot Chocolate

8 oz. Cold Skim Milk
1 oz. Chambord
1 oz. Creme de Coca
1/2 oz. Godiva White Chocolate
1 1/2 oz. Monin White Chocolate
2 Roasted Marshmallows
Grated Bissingers Dark Chocolate to Taste

Make sure your milk stays as cold as possible.  We typically keep our frothing pitcher in the refrigerator so that the milk stays cold after pouring and prior to steaming.
Keep steaming your milk until it becomes hot and foamy. Once your milk is ready, add the remaining ingredients to your frothing pitcher.  Stir until well …

Bathroom Sinks: Which is your Favorite?

We have started to experience some chilly mornings here in Indiana.   Just another sign that fall is quickly approaching and that we will soon be celebrating, and decorating for, the holidays. Today we want to share some inspirational photographs for bathroom sinks.  We are trying to narrow down some selections before we visit the showroom next month.  As a side note, we will also be visiting the Bentwood Kitchens showroom in Chicago next month to review cabinet designs.  It should be fun and we of course will share all of it with you. Now on to some sinks!  CHOICE 1 I expect this blue and white inspired sink to be a hit with many.  CHOICE 2 Our master bathroom will have two separate vanity / sink areas slightly larger than this space.  The tile being carried up from the floor to become part of the back splash adds a great look.  We still are not sure about a bowl sink, as we plan to utilize wall mounted faucets to make cleaning counter tops easier.  A bowl sink may conflict with this objec…

Old World Rustic Wine Cellars

Well summer is now unofficially over.  Here's to hoping that everyone had a terrific sunshine filled summer of fun.  This sounds like a perfect time to insert "raise your glasses", so it's fitting that today we are sharing some inspirational images of wine cellars. You may recall that we have chosen to leave some of the new basement unfinished.  The one room that will be complete, however, will be the wine cellar room.  Proper storage for wine is extremely important, especially if you have purchased any wine for long term investments.  A wine cellar room with a dedicated temperature control system can maintain your wines at a constant temperature (55-57 degree's) and humidity (60%-70%).  Now your wines will feel like they are deep in the legendary wine cellars of France. These are some of the design options we are considering.  Which would you select for your wine cellar room? CHOICE 1 This wine room has great wood shelving that has been divided into squares rather t…